Shehan Chandrasoma

"A Promising Professional Car Racer."

Professional racecar driver Shehan Chandrasoma is supported by Lamborghini of Austin. Chandrasoma is establishing himself in the racing scene at the age of only nineteen and doesn't seem to be slowing down. He is a fantastic athlete and an even better guy who is always willing to help others.


Austin, Texas, is where Shehan Chandrasoma was born and reared. Shehan has always been interested in vehicles and racing. According to his parents, who remember giving him the toy go-cart when he was two years old as a present, his first word was "vehicle." He obtained his professional driver's license at the age of 14, making him one of very few persons in the world to do so. Not only was he successful in the circuit finals Series A race that year, finishing in the top 3, but the world of racing also spotted his amazing potential.

At the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America 2022 Season, he made his official debut in the racing world at the age of only 19. At the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America event at NOLA Motorsports Park, he won the AM (amateur) class. At NOLA, Chandrasoma finished ahead of the field by 8.5 seconds, placing him in the category of professional times.


As Chandrasoma continues to establish himself in the racing world, this is only the beginning. He is now contracted to drive professionally for the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America and is hoping to further his career.

Chandrasoma works hard to succeed with Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America because he wants to level up his game and participate in the most difficult racing series in the world.

The marketing manager of Lamborghini Austin, Jeremy Jaramillo, lauded Chandrasoma for his extraordinary skill. We are pleased to support this amazing young guy in his career. In subsequent races, be sure to keep an eye out for him. We have no doubt that he will shock the world. Chandrasoma is a trustworthy client who has purchased three Lamborghinis, and according to Jaramillo, he plans to continue expanding his collection in the future.